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Actived: Wednesday Jan 20, 2021

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10% off at Sprue Bros!!!!!!!!!!! - FineScale Modeler

10% wouldn't be that big of a deal if it were only off retail. But Sprue Bros. prices are already discounted well below MSRP. So, 10% makes it an even better deal. Don't get me started on Great Models. They are the antipathy of customer service.

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Discount vouchers - FineScale Modeler - Essential magazine

One of the craft stores in my area has an ad with a coupon very reliably in every Sunday paper. The other sometimes has an add (with coupon) in the Sunday papers (ad flyer section), sometimes not. On weeks with no flyer I go online to get the coupon. So I use both newspaper and online coupons.

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Hobby Lobby Coupon???? - FineScale Modeler - Essential

I get their coupons in the weekly email to which I am a subscriber and they are also in the newspapers once a week. They used to be 50% off any one item, but have been only 40% for the last year or more. Darwin, O.F. ,,

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Where do you buy your kits? - FineScale Modeler

Sometimes Tower will have kits Scale does not have and with the coupons 15% off plus free shipping, then I'll buy there. I stopped buying at the LHS when the Revell Germany Hermann Marwede was $109 plus tax. I got it online delivered to my door for $79 dollars. Thats $30 saved on one kit.

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New Models at Hobby Lobby? - FineScale Modeler - Essential

We had a Hobby Lobby open two blocks from where I live just last weekend! In the past week, I've used their 40% off coupons to pick up two Tamiya M4A3E8s, several of the 1/72 Star Wars kits, the R2/AMT Klingon Bird of Prey, a couple of resin casting kits, a few paints, and miscellaneous stuff like X-Acto blades and a set of polishing pads.

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UV activated "Lazer Bond' glue - FineScale Modeler

The product is called Lazer Bond. $10 at BB&B. But if you're like us, we have a drawer full of the 20% off coupons at any given time. The tube dimensions are 2" x 3/3'. It doesn't give a quantity but it looks like a pretty decent amount considering how much is used.

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Q: 1/32 P-38 Lightning - FineScale Modeler - Essential

I got both, one at a time to add to my stash from Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupons, the Trumpeter kit being under the Hobby Craft label. Here are some comparisons: Although you have the gun details in with the Trump kit, by installing them you have less convenient space for nose ballast then you do with the Revell kit.

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Two 1/48 P-47's finished Testors vs. Revell - FineScale

Hobby Lobby offers discount coupons periodically, up to 40% off (one there this week) for one item, and they also have sales on all plastic kits from 25-50% off. "There's no problem that can't be solved with a suitable application of high explosives"

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1/48 or 1/72? - FineScale Modeler - Essential magazine for

I got back into the hobby and I started my first build(1/35 Dragon Tiger I) Well I bit off way more than I could chew. I did another armor build and that one didn't turn out so bad. I did another one and I got frustrated cause it turned out like doo-doo. So then I when to Michael's with my (2) 40% off coupons and got Revell's P-51D and A-10.

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B17F plastic model recommendations. please - FineScale

Sadly here in sunny South Africa, hobby shops dont believe in 40% coupons, or any % off coupons. When in doubt, use a hammer. The bigger the doubt, the bigger the hammer.

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