10 Best Dual Fuel Generators [ 2021 Reviews ] - Best Of

The Duromax XP4850EH dual fuel generator is a sturdy and dependable device that can deliver over 20-hours of power when using propane. It has a 7 Horsepower, Air Cooled engine that can deliver smooth and secure power to your household appliances during an emergency. This dual fuel generator can be easily switched from running on gasoline or propane, depending on what needs to be powered.

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10 Best Chainsaws [2021 Reviews] - BestOfMachinery

The WG303.1’s slick, ergonomic design tops off the Of all the saws in our reviews, this is the one that has the homeowner at the forefront of its design, and for that reason it’s our top pick. Unless you plan on taking down a significant chunk of woods, this saw should be able to keep up with any yardwork or project you can find around your

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10 Best Lawn Mowers [ 2021 Reviews ] - BestOfMachinery

The trade-off with cordless mowers is that you’re limited by the operation time offered by the battery. Most people work around this limitation by having a fully-charged spare battery on hand. These tools are quieter and more environmentally-friendly than their gas-powered siblings, offering maintenance-free use with zero emissions.

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11 Best Snow Blowers [ 2021 Reviews ] - BestOfMachinery

If you need a tool that is reliable and efficient, the Toro 38381 Snow Blower is the best snow removal device for you to invest in. The is the most powerful and efficient electric snow blower on the market. It works at an incredibly fast pace and is able to move up to 700 pounds of snow per minute at its highest setting.

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10 Best Lawn Sweepers [ 2021 Reviews ] - Best of Machinery

The Ohio Streel Pro Sweeper is a professional standard device that has a great capacity. It can be used for a long time to clear and treat your lawn without needing to be emptied. It features an exclusive patented spiral brush that can sweep debris, making this easy to capture, more efficiently than standard brushes. This exclusive technology also works to put less strain on the gears, making

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10 Best Gas String Trimmers [ 2021 Reviews & Guide ]

The machine has two strings, and it is easy to reload because it comes off with the cap. The 2-cycle gas string trimmer accepts multiple lines of 0.065, 0.080 and 0.095 diameters. The whacker supports a range of attachments, thus allowing you to perform various tasks. The cutting head is ideal for use with a grass blade or trimmer head.

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10 Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers [ 2021 ] - BestOfMachinery

The EGO Power+ + 20 Inch 56 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawn Mower is compatible with all EGO power+ arc lithium batteries, it has 20-inch cut capacity and has a weather resistant construction. This model has 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, and side discharge and it simply folds up for compact storage. It comes with LED headlights so that you can mow at any time of the day, morning or evening.

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10 Best Electric Pressure Washers [ 2021 Reviews ] - Best

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is built to deal with all kinds of cleaning jobs around your home and garden, whether it’s part of the house itself or some outdoor furniture that needs to be sprayed down.. It can create and maintain a water pressure of up to 2030 PSI, enough to strip the dirt straight off most surfaces, and has two built-in detergent tanks that you can switch between on the fly: this

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10 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers [ 2021 ] - Best of

A two-inch difference doesn’t seem like much, but it quickly adds up, and larger gardens can take a lot longer to finish off if you’re covering less grass with each ‘row’ you mow. Too much width can also sometimes be a problem, especially in smaller gardens with lots of awkward corners or turns that you could get caught up on.

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